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Professional Haulage Services Northumberland

We are delighted to announce that on 11th March 2018 HFF Civil Engineering Ltd became the first haulier in North East England and Scotland to achieve FORS Gold Accreditation. The HFF truck fleet is available for hire on “price per load” haulage work throughout the North East of England. All our vehicles are constantly monitored to ensure they are operating to their maximum efficiency. The fleet compromise the following:

  • Steel bodied and Tar spec tipper trucks; 8 x 4, with nominal capacities of 20 tonnes respectively
  • Aluminium bodied tipper trucks; 8x4, with nominal capacities of 20 tonnes respectively
  • Artic steel and Tar spec trailers with nominal capacities of 28 tonnes respectively.
  • Low loader with an STGO able to carry up to 60 tonne gross

Our drivers are fully qualified in the latest safe and fuel efficient driving techniques. All vehicles are inspected, serviced and maintained in the company's extensive onsite fitting shop.

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